Every day, the rumour of Kylian Mbappe joining Real Madrid is gaining new momentums. It seems that every formality has been completed and it is a matter of time for Mbappe to land in Santiago Bernabeu and proceed. But in every transfer season, there would be plenty of rumours and until and unless any moves become a reality, it would not be ideal to think prematurely.


Mauricio Pochettino – the manager of Paris Saint-Germain, has been asked yet again about Kylian Mbappe’s future at Paris Saint-Germain and the coach is keeping calm, insisting that the player is relaxed as well.

PSG play Brest away from home on Friday night and that fixture is Pochettino’s primary focus right now.

“I see that he [Mbappe] is motivated, working hard to making this a great season,” Pochettino said at a press conference on Thursday.

“He is our player and I don’t see him not being here this season.”

“He has a year left on his contract, even if he doesn’t renew it, and he has demonstrated to me that he is happy with us here.”

“He is calm and the club knows what they’re going to do. We know he is our player and that he is preparing for our match tomorrow.”

Pochettino then turned his head to speculation surrounding the possible arrival of Paul Pogba, but he remained impartial.

“As long as the transfer market is open, there will be many rumours circulating,” he said.

“A club like PSG will be open to anything, as we’re open to improving our team.”

While talking about the new arrivals, Lionel Messi and Gianluigi Donnarumma, Pochettino sounded positive.

“We are analyzing whether [Messi] is with the group or not [for the next game], then we will make the selection,” he said.

“Everyone knows what he brings, it’s all positive. There is a strong atmosphere with his presence and he has adapted very well and very fast.”

“We are looking at whether [Donnarumma] can be with us tomorrow. He was the best player at Euro 2020 and it’s apparent for everyone what he can bring to the team.”


“He is adapting well. He has a lot of energy, just like all the other new arrivals.”

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