The World Champion Antoine Griezmann became the player he was courtesy of Atletico Madrid and Diego Simeone. Then he left for Barcelona and the downfall started. At club level, his form was hitting the rock bottom and it was not the Griezmann with which the world was accustomed to. Barcelona totally unsettled the Frenchman and right now, he is the shadow of the past.

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He returned to the club which made him, still, after five games in the La Liga, Griezmann has not cut a satisfactory figure for Atletico Madrid.

A period of adaptation is always to be expected with a new signing, but after 304 minutes, more was expected of Griezmann, especially as he knows the club, the coach, La Liga and he arrived as match fit as he had been playing with Barcelona before the move.

While it is still very early in the season, some are beginning to be a bit concerned that the France international hasn’t got going yet.

The defeat against Alaves at Mendizorrotza was Griezmann’s first 90 minutes since his return to Atleti, but it was a disappointing afternoon for the whole team and Diego Simeone wants to see more from all his players.

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In La Liga for Los Colchoneros, Griezmann is averaging just one dribble per game and his passing accuracy is a mere 70 percent.

Everyone knows how good he can be, but the worry for Simeone and Atleti fans is whether this is just a slow start or if Griezmann won’t get back to the level he was at before.


But don’t write off Griezmann yet, especially with El Cholo in charge as he knows how to get the best out of him, but it’s been a disappointing start to his comeback and the seeds of doubt are beginning to be sown about whether Atleti has signed the Griezmann they remember or the Griezmann that played for Barcelona.

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