Romelu Lukaku has spoken publicly of his desire to return to former team Inter just a few months after departing the reigning Serie A champions to join Chelsea last summer.

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The Belgium international, who has scored twice in the last two games, stressed that he is fully fit after recovering from injury and COVID-19, but he expressed his unease for the formation that Thomas Tuchel is using at the Blues.

“Physically I am fine, but I am not happy with the situation at Chelsea,” Lukaku told Sky Sports Italy.

“Tuchel has chosen to play with another system. I am not happy and it is normal. The only thing I can do is not give up and continue as a professional.”

“[My departure from Inter] shouldn’t have happened that way and I’m sorry for the fans. It wasn’t the time. I have Inter in my heart and I hope to play there again.”

“I want to return to Inter from the bottom of my heart. I do not want to do it at the end of my career, but when I am still at the highest level.”

Romelu Lukaku’s comments about not being happy with the system being used by Thomas Tuchel at Chelsea have not gone down well with those in charge at the club.

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“We don’t like it, of course,” Tuchel said of the striker’s interview.

“It brings noise that we don’t need and it’s not helpful.”

“We need a calm environment and focus and this does not help.”

“I don’t feel him unhappy. I feel the exact opposite. If you’d asked me yesterday morning, I would say I feel the exact opposite. That’s why I would say it’s a surprise, but I am the wrong person to ask.”

“If there is something to discuss it’s behind closed doors, for sure.”

Tuchel then tried to play the comments down, pointing to the need to take in the entire interview and all the context.

“It’s very easy in general to take lines out of context and make headlines to get the focus and to get the best out of these interviews for several days,” he said.

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“If it’s an interview from a person of that kind of interest, an important player, I totally understand the process.”

“That’s why it’s a lot of extra noise, but still we are not here to just read the headlines.”

“Maybe we here can take the time to try to understand what’s going on. Because it does not reflect his daily work, it does not reflect his daily attitude, it does not reflect the daily behaviour which Romelu shows here at Cobham.”

“But you need to ask him, not me. This is today’s world and everything you say is out there in public if you are such a big player like Romelu.”

“He is an experienced player and he should know what kind of value it has when he speaks out with messages like this.”


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