Real Madrid is the home for the young Brazilian talents and it would not be an exaggerated statement because the emergence of Vinicius Junior, Eder Militao and Rodrygo Goes and transforming of Marcelo and Casemiro into legends has been because of the love, affection and appropriate guidance of Real Madrid says it all.

Florentino Perez is obsessed with Brazil and missing the opportunity to ign Neymar long ago still hurts him but he is compensating that with signing emerging talents in the land of music and football so that he does not miss another Neymar.

Palmeiras 15year-old prodigy Endrick has already caught the eye of Europe’s biggest clubs and, although he wouldn’t be able to play on the old continent until the 2024-25 season, a bidding war is already emerging for his signature.

Real Madrid seem to be in the lead when it comes to signing the 15-year-old, who has shown at the Copinha that he can compete with players who are five years older than him.

The youngster has been the undoubted star of the 52nd version of the Sao Paulo Junior Cup.

It is a highly prestigious annual competition for Under-20s.  It started this year with 128 teams.

Just two remain- and Endrick is top scorer for the Palmeiras team that prepare to take on Santos.

For a player to be able to hold his own at the age of 15 would be remarkable.

For him to shine as much as Endrick is doing is genuinely sensationally.

And it is not a case of early physical development.

Endrick is a squat striker with a dazzling array of skills.

There is pace, a wonderful left foot, an understanding of space, a desire to impose his talent close to the opposing goal and a breathtaking audacity – the type of combination which allows him to score with an overhead kick from outside the penalty box.

Tim Vickery said, “Endrick has a talent capable of bringing him glory and untold riches, of making him a household name all over the world.  But it is also a talent which throws him into a world of passions and pressures, some of them unhealthy, some of them even dangerous.”

It is the Junior Cup final against Santos, the day chosen to celebrate the birthday of the city of Sao Paulo.

Endrick, too, will have much to celebrate, whatever the outcome on the field.

This tournament has made him a global internet sensation, and may have secured the financial future of him and his family.

Theoretically he could feature next month in the Club World Cup, a tournament given huge importance in South America.

But Abel Ferreira, the Portuguese coach of Palmeiras, has quickly shot down that idea.

Endrick, he said, is at an age when he does not need a ticket to the Club World Cup, he needs one to Disneyland.

But the youngster has already entered into a world of adult pressures.

He has seen more than he should have at the age of 15.

Palmeiras played Sao Paulo in the semi final of the Cup on Saturday.

Sao Paulo fans did not respond well to a 1-0 defeat.  A few of them invaded the pitch and tried to attack the Palmeiras players.

A knife was found lying on the pitch.  A tragedy could have unfolded.

Endrick cost

There is talk that a fee between 30 and 40 million euros would be enough to tempt Palmeiras into selling Endrick, but there are some claiming that the Brazilian club should wait as they could receive a higher fee in a couple of years’ time.

What this fee would enable a club to have is the have a compulsory purchase option for two and a half years’ time, when Endrick is 18 years old.

Some of Europe’s big boys are keen to wrap up a deal with Palmeiras in the near future, as they understand that the longer they wait, the more clubs that could enter a bidding war and therefore raise his price.

Real Madrid’s Brazilian link

Real Madrid were able to get a commitment from Vinicius Junior, Rodrygo Goes and Reinier Jesus that they would join the club once they were of age, and this is what ended up happening.

Endrick would be able to reach a verbal agreement with a club right now, but he cannot sign a professional contract until he is 16 years old. Then, two years later on his 18th birthday, he would be able to join up with a European team.

Endrick has a talent capable of bringing him glory and untold riches, of making him a household name all over the world.

But it is also a talent which throws him into a world of passions and pressures, some of them unhealthy, some of them even dangerous.

One might say, Perez would play another gamble while signing this 15-year-old – but the boss knows very well how to play the cards and for Endrick – no other place can be better than Real Madrid to become the best.


Note: Inputs from MARCA and Daily Sun

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