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Sparkling Sri Lanka

"Lady Luck shouldn’t be rude with such a lovely and fighting Lankan unit. Lady Luck must smile upon these Lankan boys to make them the ultimate winners," Writes Faisal caesar    The Sri Lankan unit is enriched with exciting talents and...

The crestfallen Pakistan fans

"I felt immensely sad after watching those crestfallen Pakistani fans who gathered in the stadium with high hopes but their hopes and aspirations were murdered brutally by the Pakistani team," Writes Faisal Caesar    Wow! What a match it was at the...

Keep the faith in cricket

"Let’s put faith in cricket once again, let’s move on with enough sizzle and vigor. Let’s give cricket another chance," Writes Faisal Caesar    So, it’s the feast of the Champions! In the world of cricket, a carnival is going to start. Cricket...


FIFA Awards: Justified result

Robert Lewandowski had seen off Liverpool's Mohamed Salah and Lionel Messi to be named the top men's player at FIFA's “The Best” awards.

Leader Virat Kohli