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Video: Viva Brazil

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=75CmnbGc4oo Finally, the Maracana celebrated the joy of a Brazil victory after six years. And, after twelve years, the Selecao have broken the jinx of Copa America. A great moment for a generation, which deserved a trophy. This is just...

Lionel Messi: Think twice before you talk

Lionel Messi accused of corruption in the Copa America, but he has no definitive proofs. But Messi should think twice before he talks..... Dear Lionel Messi, you said, “We could have gone further but we weren't allowed into the final....

Which Peru will play against Brazil?

What a difference a couple of days make. On June 22nd Peru looked all over the place, having suffered a humiliating 5-0 defeat to Brazil in Sao Paulo. Surely Paolo Guerrero and his fellow countrymen might have as well packed...

Video: Brazil outclass Argentina

It was the match of the season and nothing gets bigger than the epic battle between Brazil and Argentina. In a high-voltage affair, Brazil halted Lionel Messi's Argentina. Sadly, Messi would go home, yet again, without winning a trophy...

5 reasons why Brazil or Argentina will come on top

What factors will tip the scales on Wednesday's mouthwatering semifinal? So this is it: Brazil v Argentina will lock horns for the 106th time in history. But Wednesday’s clash in Belo Horizonte is worth more than a spot in the...

Video: A great escape for Brazil

Paraguay knocked out Brazil in 2011 and 2015 and at Porto Alegre, the same result seemed to revisit, but in the end, Brazil escaped the Paraguayan scare. The fightback of 10-men Paraguay earned more accolades than a Brazil display,...

Video: Brazil complete Peru rout

The memories of 2016 were still fresh in the minds of Brazilians and they wanted to give a fitting reply. The match started at Sao Paolo and ended up with a brutal display from the Samba Boys. This is...

“Disjointed” Brazil struggle against Venezuela

Brazil continued to struggle with yet another poor performance in Copa América. It was Venezuela this time, an opponent who exposed Brazil's lack of creativity in the final third.... The Vinotinto's performance, which was rewarded with a well-deserved point, also...
Copa Americavideo

Video: Brazil dominate, but disappoint

At Bahia, there was no traditional Brazilian music and dance, but silence could be noticed as the home team scripted a very disappointing result. For the first time ever, Venezuela drew a match against the host in Copa America...

5 things we learned from Brazil’s winning Copa América start

Brazil beat Bolivia in the Copa América opener at the Morumbi stadium in São Paulo. But despite the 3-0 win, the performance was frustrating and the fans were not happy.... Without further ado, here are 5 things we learned from...

Video: Bright start for Brazil

In front of a jam-packed stadium, the hosts - Brazil - started off in a commendable fashion. Philippe Coutinho scored twice while Everton Soares scored a snoter to script a 3-0 victory against Bolivia.
Philippe Coutinho

A “Neymar-less” Brazil kicks off the Copa America

A Neymar-less Brazil is still the main favorite to emerge victorious out of this month's Copa América, but as football has shown us over the years, favoritism means nothing once the referee blows his whistle. So how will the...


It’s that man Neymar again

The photo of Neymar holding the Man of the Match award after the match might not have impressed his critics because at present the performance of a player is judged more on the basis of how many goals he scored and assists provided, but one of the best performances can come even without those and when a player does such, you have to realize the greatness of that player.

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