Willian é peça fundamental no Chelsea de hoje e querido pela torcida

Why Willian is on borrowed time for Chelsea and Brazil

Although Willian has played a key role for Antonio Conte's Chelsea this season, the Brazilian midfielder has yet to impress fans of his national team  Willian has had a lot of ups and downs over the past two years, and...
Liverpool Football Club

More signings needed by Liverpool to take next step forward

Despite possessing a new fantastic four, Liverpool are still short of the players required to push the side forward to being a top class side With four points dropped at Anfield in the space of three days against bottom half...
Nicolas Otamendi

Nicolás Otamendi emerges as vital figure for City and Argentina

While much has been made of Manchester City's fantastic forward line, the foundation has been powerhouse performances from Nicolás Otamendi One year ago, Manchester City lost back-to-back games against Chelsea and Leicester City that left Pep Guardiola’s side trailing in the...

Why Roberto Firmino is finally finding his Anfield feet

After some less than stellar statistics for Liverpool, Roberto Firmino is now playing a crucial role in the Anfield's club fantastic four Roberto Firmino has earned the privilege of being labeled the best Brazilian striker in European football this season,...

Brazilian forward Richarlison making serious waves at Watford

Breaking through in the cutthroat Premier League is tough for anyone, let alone a young Brazilian far from home, but Richarlison is winning at Watford  Brazilian football is known to be the source of plenty of beautiful surprises for football...


760 for Cristiano Ronaldo

Talents are God gifted. They dazzle with their charisma, but there are groups who work the hardest and beat the talent to reach the...

Frank Lampard is in trouble

Jai Ho