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A World Cup every two years would finally kill football’s golden goose

Shortening the World Cup cycle would give the impression that football is all about money. And major sporting events need patience and time. That is crucial for their sustainability.

Gerd Muller: Der Bomber

Mexico 1970 produced the most attacking football of any tournament since 1966 with an average of three goals per game and a shot less than every three minutes. Muller would win the Golden Boot for his ten strikes and he also provided three assists ensuring he makes the record books once again for the best ever individual contribution by a player in a single tournament since 1966.

USA 94: The Brazilian glory

That victory changed Brazil football and gave a new life – for twelve years Brazil would dominate in major tournaments and the mesmerizing talents would leave the world crazy.

Soviet Union and the World Cup: Always promising but underachievers

Mexico 86 had been the last time when the world feared and respected the Soviet Union in any major event.

Mexico 86: Diego Maradona magic against Belgium

The second goal along with the magical deft touch of the first goal has always been criminally underrated. Even Maradona never talked about it that much, perhaps, the goal scored against the British meant a lot to him rather than the piece of art in the semifinal.

Mexico 86: Hand of God and Goal of the Century

Only a genius can create controversy and then overshadow it with a sheer individual moment of magic. Diego Maradona was such a magician who did both in a football match and that too against their old enemy England in a World Cup match.

Dazzling Denmark in Mexico 86

The great Denmark unit of Mexico 86 is forgotten because everyone remembers those who reach the pinnacle of glory, but nevertheless, that Denmark of Piontek was the first great Danish side to announce that they exist and can dazzle in world football.

Ill prepared, tortured, afraid and shaken; but still Iraq impress in Mexico

“There was a time when the song of the birds, the smell of the flowers, music of various festivals and happy faces existed in Iraq. And, the people in Iraq loved football”   When you read the name Iraq, immediately, your...

Belgium’s Mexico adventure

Mexico 86 was all about Diego Armando Maradona. But, of course, there were other teams and players who lit up the tournament – Belgium and their boys were one of them.

Mexico 86: Hero Maradona

“To me, you are the highest point of love, The earth, fire itself, the sun, The rain and the wheat fields, Thanks to that sweet way you have of loving me.” Valeria Lynch Mexico overcome the tragedy Mexico 86 should have been Columbia 86....

Vamos Uruguay

A year later in Barcelona, it was agreed that Uruguay, the Olympic Champions and the era’s footballing superpower, should celebrate 100 years of independence by hosting the first-ever FIFA World Cup.

England on top of the world

July 30, 1966. All the roads led to the famous Wembley Stadium where the Three Lions would meet one of their bitter rivals, Germany in the final. Both the nations were enemies of each other during World War II and even after the end of the war, the bitterness is still evident in every aspect of life. In football, that rivalry always reaches a different level – apart from footballing displays, temper flows and controversies crop up from nowhere.

Guillermo Stabile: The story of first World Cup hero of Argentina

Stabile earned fame due to his hunger for scoring goals. He was an atypical centre-forward, who could not only score goals at will but create wonderful opportunities for others to smash.

Bert Patenaude: The first footballer to smash a hat-trick in FIFA World Cup

On July 17, 1930, Patenaude scored the opening goal in the tenth minute. A second goal in the fifteenth minute had been credited several different ways: as an own goal by Aurelio González (according to the RSSSF), a regular goal by the USA’s Tom Florie (according to the official FIFA match record), or as Patenaude's second goal (according to the United States Soccer Federation).

The forgotten 6 minutes

With just six minutes remaining and France searching for an equalizer, the Brazilian referee Gilberto de Almeida Rego blew the final whistle.

No music. No party. Brazil arrive in Uruguay and leave silently

None in Brazil even bothered to care about that team back then, but after many years, they would realize the significance of that participation and Preguinho's first-ever World Cup goal.

The dream of Jules Rimet comes true

In 1904, a Frenchman named Jules Rimet was involved in the founding of the Fédération Internationale de Football Association - International Federation of Association Football, commonly abbreviated to FIFA and, while the fledgling organization had plans for a global...

The German Giants

The West Germans flew to Italy and in the endless summer of 1990, Beckenbauer and his men were the first teams to arrive in Italy. They did not receive a warm welcome like the Dutch, Irish, and Brazil; but were regarded as outsiders where the critics had been busy making this tournament a carnival of football, where the Azzurri, Netherlands, and Brazil were expected to lift the trophy.

When the brilliance and fighting spirit of England ended in tears

England would finish as the fourth-best-team – a feat, which was unthinkable before the start of the tournament.

Italy watch and die at Naples

Diego Maradona played a psychological game before the mega clash and immediately it put Italy under pressure. Italy feared Maradona and as soon as Argentina equalized, they turned pale. Argentina fed their anxiety and ultimately brought the whole of Italy down to its knee!


Real Madrid want 15-year-old Endrick

Palmeiras 15year-old prodigy Endrick has already caught the eye of Europe's biggest clubs and, although he wouldn't be able to play on the old continent until the 2024-25 season, a bidding war is already emerging for his signature.