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La Liga – No Partey for Atletico Madrid as Paco perks up for Barca

It was business as usual at the top of the tree in La Liga but one side is living on the edge, and sending everyone to sleep in the process  In what has becoming a habit each weekend, the top...

Why Paulinho has proved himself as the right fit for Barcelona

From being ridiculed by frustrated fans to being a key player for Barcelona, Paulinho has shown that Ernesto Valverde's midfield bet is paying off  Paulinho received a lot of criticism after the Brazilian completed his move to Barcelona in the...

5 reasons why Real Madrid…well…suck so much this season

Two defeats in a row for Real Madrid is bringing a season into sharp focus that is far from meeting the lofty expectations of supporters 1) They’ve become predictable Let’s use some Occam’s Razor to begin with. Are Real Madrid this...


It’s that man Neymar again

The photo of Neymar holding the Man of the Match award after the match might not have impressed his critics because at present the performance of a player is judged more on the basis of how many goals he scored and assists provided, but one of the best performances can come even without those and when a player does such, you have to realize the greatness of that player.

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