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Welcome home Antoine Griezmann!

On the deadline day of this crazy summer transfer, a dramatic twist in turn regarding Kylian Mabppe’s move to Real Madrid was supposed to happen, but in this summer transfer, always expect the unexpected. The madness ended with World Cup winner Antoine Griezmann returning to his home – Atletico Madrid. The club that made him the star he is! The club where he is loved and respected!

The future of Riqui Puig in Barcelona looks uncertain

The Dutch coach made his feelings clear about just how far down the pecking order Riqui Puig is.

Barcelona overcome Getafe

The wait for Philippe Coutinho to play for Barcelona prolongs. There was a thought circulating among the fans that Coutinho would be given the number 10 shirt and the role to lead the attack, but he has been given the number 14 shirt and whether he would be given the role lead or not remains a moot question. Coutinho was unavailable against Getafe as Memphis Depay salvaged the day for the Catalans.

Will Kylian Mbappe join Real Madrid?

Last week, it seemed that deal between Real Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) regarding the World Cup winner Kylian Mbappe had almost reached a conclusion, but what we ended up witnessing was the move of the greatest footballer of his generation Cristiano Ronaldo from Juventus to Manchester United.

Hard fought win for Real Madrid

The best option for any season is not to digest a defeat in away games. Either you draw or give your best to bag full points, but a defeat does hamper the campaign. Of course, the intent of not losing points against the lower-ranked teams should always be the priority. Real Madrid know this very well and at Seville, against Real Betis, they showed character in a hard-fought battle to bag full points.

Kylian Mbappe joining Real Madrid would be like a dream come true

While Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) is busy branding Lionel Messi and sell the brand as much as possible, one of their own stars may just leave the club sooner or later. Even if we use the term later, it might not sound justified because the rumour of Kylian Mbappe leaving PSG for Real Madrid seems to be a matter of time.

Real Madrid survive Levante scare courtesy of Vinicius Junior

Thankfully, Carlo Ancelotti decided to substitute Eden Hazard, who was yet again a big flop and brought on Vinicius Junior. Otherwise, at Estadio Ciudad de Valencia, it would have been a disaster for the Los Blancos. It was the Vinicius Junior which Real Madrid and Brazil were waiting to see and enjoy.

Athletic Club stop Barcelona

Even though Ronald Koeman keeps on saying that he has plans regarding Philippe Coutinho, still, there was no sign of the Brazilian in a Barca shirt. When will the Brazilian appear and enjoy full minutes this season only Koeman and the Barca hierarchy know. Whatever it is, the Catalans dropped points for the first time in this season last night against Athletic Club.

Sensible decision by Martin Odegaard

Meanwhile, Real Madrid would not be at a loss with the departure of Odegaard, rather, they have earned in this crucial time which they would be able to spend in the future. Moreover, the exit of Odegaard would help Ancelotti and Real Madrid think tank work freely because there would be zero pressure from media and critics regarding Odegaard hype.

Philippe Coutinho: Joining Barcelona was a mistake. Can he rediscover himself at Camp Nou?

Koeman’s thoughts are encouraging and only time can tell whether Coutinho would be able to rediscover himself at camp Nou and to achieve the best of Coutinho, Koeman needs to give him the role that he played at Anfield and if he can’t provide such then, only giving statements would not help, rather, Coutinho should try for another cub where he would be able to lead the attack.

War in Barcelona: Laporta vs Bartomeu

On the pitch, Barcelona looked much better without their ex-star Lionel Messi and the start of a new era brought hope among the fans. But off the pitch, the war of words and blame game is still on. Over the years, Barcelona has not been a quiet place but off-the-field issues always halted the progress.

No Messi, no problem

After Real Madrid, it was time for the arch-rivals Barcelona to start the season in style and all eyes were focused on the Catalans, how they fare without their talisman, Lionel Messi. Guess what, Barcelona looked a much better unit without their ex-star.

Real Madrid start the season with a comprehensive victory

How Real Madrid would start their new season under Carlo Ancelotti garnered huge interest among the fans of Los Blancos and neutrals. Ancelotti brought that free-flowing football in Santiago Bernabeu after the era of Jose Mourinho ended, Ancelotti took over and Los Blancos started to dream bigger on a foundation laid by Mourinho. Ancelotti conquered, then left and returned at Bernabeu with hope.

On the La Liga and CVC agreement

It would be hard for CVC and La Liga move on without the green signal from top clubs like Real Madrid and Barcelona. Already, the Lionel Messi saga has created a very critical situation and with no Messi available in La Liga, automatically, CVC and their agreement would not be able to attract enough audience like before. One thing can be said, the deal might meet a sad end.

Will Lionel Messi leave Barcelona, again?

There could be another twist in the tale in this latest Messi saga. Messi knows very well that he can’t spend years as a free agent and the financial situation of the bigger clubs are such that none would be able to afford him and in the end, Camp Nou would remain the best place for him to hog the limelight and enjoy the life he wants. Messi and Barcelona complement each other better, thus, it is quite premature to think that, Messi would leave Barcelona this season.

What is Real Madrid’s plan for Takefusa Kubo?

The men’s football in Tokyo 2020 has been fascinating till now as the competition would enter the quarterfinal stages from today. In the group stages, there had been some outstanding performers and Japan and Real Madrid’s Takefusa Kubo is one of them.

Thank You Raphael Varane, but Real Madrid need to move on

Thus, Real Madrid need to focus on replacing him with someone who could be as good as him and yes, it is time to move on rather than wasting time on the past.

What is happening in Barcelona?

Not only are there economic difficulties surrounding Barcelona, but there is also conflict between some of the club's younger players and their differences of opinion with the club regarding economic and sporting aspirations.

No summer signings for Real Madrid

With no new signings for Real Madrid, Ancelotti would have to build up with the players he has and even though, the lack of new summer signings for two consecutive seasons might annoy many, but on a positive note, it is always better to rely on the home-grown players who could be groomed for a bright future under coaches like Ancelotti.

What is the future of Raphael Varane?

Real Madrid will still be hoping that their star defender will put pen to paper on a new contract, but in the event that he doesn't, they will have to look for a replacement.


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