Cricket Pak v Aus

The relentless fight for glory

“The visit by the Australian Cricket team to Pakistan adumbrates a new era in annals of the relentless flight for glory between two spirited rivals and enables a whole new generation of fans to watch it in person for the very first time ever” When two teams have an indomitable fighting spirit and are bestowed […]

Cricket Ind v SL

The Indo-Sri Lankan cricketing bonhomie

“The Indo-Sri Lankan cricketing bonhomie has traversed a glorious journey of more than a hundred years. It is the embodiment of mutual respect and admiration. May it strengthen the cricketing ties and bring forth the beauty of the fascinating contests in the years to come” India and Sri Lanka have a friendly relationship, which is […]

Cricket Ind v WI

A thousand glorious steps and more

“As India plays its 1000th ODI match under their new Captain Rohit Sharma, a new era beckons. The intent, talent and pugnacious attitude of the team heralds a wonderful age for the brave men in Blue as they seek their place in the Sun” The One Day International (ODI) is unique as it is bound […]