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It’s not just a tour cancellation

It’s not just a tour cancellation. This cancellation is another reminder of how toothless and ineffective ICC has become. The Big Three call all the shots in the name of ICC. They play against each other wherever and whenever they wish despite COVID waves, player fatigue, bubble environment or terror threats.

Sad day for Test cricket

In the end, what all witnessed was the meek surrender to the power of cash that has gained its strength since it started and even before the tamasha commenced, the money power and autocratic nature of BCCI used to show its demonic face time and again since the mid-90s. It might not have been stronger in the past, but right now it is deadlier than a demon.

India take lead

England thrash India

Ted Dexter: Lord Ted

India conquer Lord’s

Thriller in Jamaica


Don’t write off Antoine Griezmann

But don’t write off Griezmann yet, especially with El Cholo in charge as he knows how to get the best out of him, but it's been a disappointing start to his comeback and the seeds of doubt are beginning to be sown about whether Atleti has signed the Griezmann they remember or the Griezmann that played for Barcelona.

Lazio of Maurizio Sarri overcome Jose Mourinho’s Roma challenge

Despite the lack of local flavour on the pitch, the 30,000 fans in the stands made sure everyone at home knew what they were missing – an absolute mouthwatering and nail-biting encounter.

Real Madrid fall flat